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68 percent of HR leaders say it's a candidate-driven market today



  • HR design not supporting business strategy impacting growth
  • Value of HR lost to candidates, employees, leadership and boards
  • Difficulty improving HR interaction models and practices

Interaction before operation


As the future of work arcs toward enhancing the employee experience — with organizations placing people at the heart of all they do — it’s time for HR to shift gears, transforming from a target operations model (TOM) to a target interaction model (TIM).


In the TIM, HR becomes a more people-centered function. It places a premium on exceptional personal and digital employee interactions, with employee satisfaction as the key success metric. By targeting the desired employee experience and building on end users’ needs, HR will naturally create a new people-focused design. As Mercer’s Global Talent Trends Study shows, organizations with an integrated strategy, both within the business and across HR, are more effective: High-growth firms are four times more likely to have an integrated people strategy.

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Transformation Framework

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Armin von Rohrscheidt

Armin von Rohrscheidt

Global HR Transformation Leader,

Based on his diverse experience in both corporate HR and consulting, Armin helps clients reinvent their human resources function, optimize its value and deliver an exemplary employee experience. He enables the HR function to succeed in the workforce and organization transformation journey. He works with companies across the globe transforming their HR strategy, processes, systems and organization. He is an acknowledged global expert for the Target Interaction Model architecture.


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Italy HR Transformation Expert


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South Asia HR Transformation Expert


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Australia HR Transformation Expert


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