When Women Thrive International Women’s Day 2019 Creating a Balance for Better | Mercer

When Women Thrive International Women’s Day 2019 Creating a Balance for Better

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International Women’s Day 2019
International Women’s Day 2019 Creating a Balance for Bet
Calendar04 März 2019

Mercer is helping organizations globally #BalanceforBetter and drive business performance by increasing the representation and advancement of women through a holistic focus on their careers, health and financial well-being.

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We must recognize that we cannot be our best selves – at home and at work – if we’re not taking care of ourselves at the most fundamental level, and we must engage employers in this dialogue. Even when it’s difficult and there aren’t enough hours in the day, we have to make our health a priority.

— Pat Milligan, Senior Partner and Global Leader, When Women Thrive, Mercer

What’s needed is the courage to step back, assess what’s happening in your own organization and if your efforts aren’t balanced, then take action.

— Pam Jeffords, Partner, When Women Thrive, Mercer

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