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The Agile Workforce — Right People, Right Place, Right Cost

Websites are not the only things that need to be mobile-optimized. Today’s increasingly globalized environment means you need to be ready to mobilize people at every level of your organization.

Our proprietary mobility data and research are the best of their kind—and so are our consultants. We have the tools and the experience to help you meet your organization’s specific mobility needs, with practical advice behind the hard numbers. 

"There is a growing demand for … self-propelled, globally mobile professionals or ‘global citizens'."

Make the Right Moves at the Right Time

Your mobility success hinges on your ability to strike the right balance: to find the right people and put them in the right places, at the right cost, at the right time. 

We’ll work with your organization to improve your mobility processes while boosting employee satisfaction and growth. We map out effective talent strategies that are tailored to your organization’s unique goals, using our talent management and planning resources to help you select candidates, place them in your target regions, and iron out assignment details. Then we help you craft effective benefits and remuneration plans and communicate them to your employees. We can also support your expatriates to help ensure their success with Cultural Training Passport and Global Leadership Profile to help you select and develop the right global leaders.

Last but not least, we give you quantifiable returns on investment. We measure program ROI and assignment success, and help you with succession and retention processes.

At Mercer Mobility, we’re here to keep your organization moving.

Get Local Data With a Global Perspective

What does it really mean for someone to uproot his or her family and move to Singapore, New York or Bahrain? Let us tell you.

Our information solutions for mobility put the highest-quality, most-detailed data available into your hands. Our Cost of Living Survey, the most comprehensive of its kind, is just one of our many market-leading tools and resources. Our leading benchmark data, Quality of Living Survey, and Hardship Ratings are all exclusive to Mercer and our clients. And they’re ready to access now.

Mercer Makes Mobility Easy

Our Mobility Starter Kit divides “moving” into three tiers: a pre-move informative guide, a post-move expat management program, and a more comprehensive kit for companies managing multiple international assignments. We also have tools specifically designed for executives. So whatever your mobility needs, we’re equipped to meet them.

Many companies are transitioning from providing full expat packages to “local plus” packages with specific add-ons. We’ll help you choose the right package for the assignment and business goals at hand.

How We Can Help

We combine education, consulting, software data, and online tools to offer you the full breadth of mobility services. Our mobility experts provide:

  • Mobility education for all levels of your workforce.
  • Mobility consulting to prepare your organization for the unanticipated.
  • Mobility software, including HR solutions and cultural training.
  • Mobility data to help you determine pay, benefits, relocation costs, and more.
  • Mobility online tools for easy access to necessary information.

Workforce and Careers Services and Products

Benchmarking Policies & Practices

Can you prove that your strategy for rewarding and managing expatriates is working? Are your policies fair compared to what your competitors are doing? Can you document what you need to get support from other decision-makers?

Using the unparalleled data from the latest research, we will provide you with custom benchmarking consulting and assess your mobility program using an array of precise policy benchmarking tools. We'll work with you to identify gaps in your policy that could be costing you money or valuable competitive advantages.

Compensation Localizer

simplifies putting an employee on a host-based compensation program, gives you complete confidence in how the change will affect your employee and helps determine any transitional or ongoing supplemental payments.

Compensation Localizer calculates the difference between costs in the current and proposed locations, accounting for taxes, the cost of goods and services, and housing expenses. Mercer’s calculator is the only one on the market that puts mobility and local market compensation data in one place. You can also readily customize the calculations to your specifications – down to the individual employee’s situation – or use Mercer’s robust standardized data.

Cost Of Living

To encourage mobility and to manage your international assignment costs, you need precise information to calculate fair, consistent expatriate compensation packages.

Mercer’s semi-annual cost-of-living surveys are conducted by professional researchers in over 400 locations. Carefully chosen vendors reflect only those outlets where your expatriates can buy goods and services of international quality.

Cultural Training Solutions

Mercer offers several solutions to help your international assignees adjust to living and working in a new location through online services and mobile apps.

Your mobile workforce needs the right tools to succeed in working in diverse cultural environments. Through our suite of online services and mobile apps, Mercer helps HR managers ensure a reasonable ROI for their expatriation programs while helping assignees to optimize their experience by giving them the cultural tools and local information they need in their host countries.

Housing (Mobilize Housing)

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution is the most advanced expatriate housing tool for better-informed, more-defensible housing allowance decisions.

Mercer Mobilize Housing Solution builds on decades of expertise in expatriate housing. Our extensive, accurate, and transparent data for over 400 cities is now delivered in a revolutionary new platform.

Personal Income Tax Solution

Mercer’s new Personal Income Tax Solution makes your planning process easier by providing immediate access to all the information you need to successfully calculate the tax and social security portion of an international assignment package.

The Personal Income Tax Solution is a cost-effective, multifunctional product that includes full reports on personal income tax and a powerful calculator. Over 140 locations, including regions and states, are available on a global entitlement or one-off basis.

Mercer Mobility Starter Kit

The Mercer Mobility Starter Kit will help you through the entire international assignment process, from setting global mobility policy guidelines to individualised cost projections to providing destination guides for your expatriates.

Our Mercer Mobility Starter Kit offers everything that companies need when beginning their global expansion. The Mercer Mobility Starter Kit will help you through the entire international assignment process, from setting global mobility policy guidelines to individualised cost projections to providing destination guides for your expatriates. Whether you are just getting ready to send your company’s first international assignee abroad or want to draw up a standard global mobility policy as your expatriate programme expands, the Mercer Mobility Starter Kit will give you the tools you need.

Quality of Living and Hardship

Location Evaluation Reports: Factors such as climate, disease and sanitation standards, ease of communications and physical remoteness can often affect the success of a foreign assignment.

Moreover, the local political and social environment, political violence, and crime may give rise to potentially uncomfortable, inconvenient, or even dangerous situations. To encourage mobility, reliable information is needed to help calculate fair, consistent financial incentives for hardship locations.

Short term Per Diem Data

Short-term assignments provide companies with a valuable solution for the transfer of skills, know-how, and resources.

Companies are competing in a global world with changes in technology, travel, and communication networks and issues like dual career and family concerns make short-term assignments more attractive. Short-term assignments present new challenges. Employees on short-term assignments are usually not accompanied by their family, therefore their living costs are different and they cannot be compensated as they would be for long-term assignments. On the other hand, short-term assignments last longer than business trips and require expenses of a wider nature, such as personal care products, laundry, and entertainment.

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